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If you would rather questions are a great way to start a conversation in a fun and interesting way. When you ask “why” after asking “would you rather”, you can easily get into some interesting conversations. There will probably be some very interesting answers and you will probably learn a lot more about the person.

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  • This game is suitable for kids with only family-friendly questions. The game is suitable for kids,   teenagers, and adults because it does not contain any dirty or extreme questions.
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If you’ve got a group, you can take turns choosing a would you rather question and asking each member of the group.

You can both ask each other would you rather questions if there are just two of you. Alternatively, you can go through the list together and answer them all together. Even simply asking yourself a question works well. There are over 20000 would you rather questions in our list. Use them however you like and have fun with them!

Would you rather? It is a simple trivia casual game where you have to choose between scenarios 1 and 2. Would you rather is one of the most fun games, it’s for all ages, and has endless fun question games. There are some hilarious questions and some that are tough to choose.

Our game contains hundreds of our best would you rather questions, from all categories, like Funny, Scary, Hilarious, Shocking Situations, Date, and Relationship, etc… It is a couple of quiz games and contains a lot of dating game questions you can play with your partner, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, as well as awesome and fun trivia questions.

The would you rather game is similar to truth or dare, with amazing features and good interface design. It provides thousands of good and deep would you rather questions for an amazing experience. Join our new trivia word quiz game now, make your choice, and find out what others vote for. You’re going to love our would you rather challenge game!

Before approving a question, we check that it does not contain any vulgar or offensive language. We strive to offer various and unique trivia questions for all ages, even kids.Simple rules apply. The only thing you need to do is click on the option you prefer.


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