About The Application:

In recent years, status updates have become a common place for people to share information about all sorts of contacts. The statuses might be text-only, maybe in the form of queries or some information. Additionally, it is used to share some interesting videos and memes.

But what if you want to save the status update to your gallery so that you can use it later? The above issue can be resolved by using Status Video / Picture Saver App.

How to Use?
>>  Watch the story or status.
>>  Open status saver App, Click on image or video to view in full screen.
>>  Click the Download to save story image/video.
>>  You can share and repost also your friend’s story image/video.
>> The Status is instantly saved to your Phone or Gallery goes and checks it out


  • 100%  free to download
  • View Saved Stories and status even after 24 hours
  • User-Friendly Design
  • App Provide inbuilt image viewer for image
  • App Provide inbuilt media player for video
  • Easily Repost status
  • Download friends status or story now easily
  • Saved status or stories also displayed in the application for future use

Other Key Things:

You don’t need to do anything in this app to save statuses. Just watch statuses of messengers and it will get auto saved to this app so that you can watch later at anytime you need.


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