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Quotes are like rays of light entering your life when you are in a dark place when you do not know what to do when you are feeling down, which can help drive you out of the gloom. There are not every quote that gives hope, but quite a few stand out as real beacons of hope.

Quotes can motivate, inspire, and encourage. You will notice that your mood and state of mind begin to improve after reading a few quotations whenever you feel low, unhappy, or lacking motivation. Inspirational quotes can be of great help when you need a little boost and motivation to take action.

When such times arise, reading the words of people who have achieved something in their lives can be very helpful. Let their motivational words sink into your mind.


  • Trending quotes based on users adding it in their favorite list
  • Latest quotes on daily basis
  • Bookmark your favorite quotes so you can read it anytime
  • Copy your favorite quote and paste it anywhere
  • Share your favorite quote with friends, family etc
  • 100+ Categories which contains wide range of quotes
  • 20000+ Quotes at a time
  • You can Share your favorite quotes on any social media  Play or mute the music while reading quotes (Zen Sound)


Wisdom and insight are often condensed into a few words in quotes. You will discover wisdom and insight from reading this quote a few times and focusing on its words often.

Inspirational quotes can boost your mood and make your day brighter. The purpose of this app is to inspire you with positive affirmations and self-talk, a proven technique for making your mind work for you.

You can listen to music while reading quotes. It’s very pleasant music which will give you more interest in reading the quotes. They are actually fun and enjoyable to read, do not require any effort, and don’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

You should read a few quotes in the morning, after you wake up, or just before you leave for work. You can also read them before going to sleep at night. It is not the only time to read them. It can be done at any time of the day.

Quotes for Everything App have different categories, which include:

》 Best Quotes
》 Life Quotes
》 Happiness Quotes
》 Short Quotes
》 Inspirational Quotes
》 Motivational Quotes
》 Words Of Wisdom Quotes
》 Deep Quotes
》 Gratitude Quotes
》 Love Quotes
》 Kindness Quotes
》 Friendship Quotes
》 Family Quotes
》 Funny Quotes
》 Famous Quotes
》 Positive Quotes
》 Forgiveness Quotes
》 Attitude Quotes
》 Learning Quotes
》 Knowledge Quotes

》 Encouraging Quotes
》 Change And Growth Quotes
》 Discipline Quotes
》 Focus Quotes
》 Stoic Quotes
》 Inner Piece Quotes
》 Be Yourself Quotes
》 Zen Quotes
》 Letting Go Quotes
》 Truth Quotes
》 Meditation Quotes
》 Spiritual Quotes
》 Silence Quotes
》 Solitude Quotes
》 Introvert Quotes
》 Buddha Quotes
》 Bruce Lee Quotes
》 Smile Quotes
》 Respect Quotes
》 Time Quotes

》 Simplicity Quotes
》 Children Quotes
》 Sister Quotes
》 Brother Quotes
》 Hope Quotes
》 Confidence Quotes
》 Courage Quotes
》 Strength Quotes
》 Success Quotes
》 Dreams Quotes
》 Hard Work Quotes
》 Patience Quotes
》 Money Quotes
》 Failure Quotes
》 Pain Quotes
》 Hurt Quotes
》 Loneliness Quotes
》 History Quotes
》 Future Quotes
》 Education Quotes

》 Depression Quotes
》 Sad Quotes
》 Death Quotes
》 Fear Quotes
》 Jealously And Envy Quotes
》 Ego Quotes
》 Humanity Quotes
》 Freedom Quotes
》 Travel Quotes
》 Creativity Quotes
》 Art Quotes
》 Music Quotes
》 Writing Quotes
》 Beautiful Quotes
》 Good Morning Quotes
》 Nature Quotes
》 Peace Quotes
》 Trust Quotes


With different types of quotes from different countries and cultures, we would love to improve the app. Let us know what positive quotes you think we should add to Quotes for Everything, and which Edition you think they would best suit.

You’ll see more features on the way so stay tuned and keep writing us as we love reading our users’ feedback and making adjustments as necessary.