About the Application:

The importance of music cannot be overstated. Anything can be healed by music. Here is some relaxing and calm music for better meditation. This calm music player application will make you super happy and relaxed for sure. You don’t have to pay anything for these tracks because we’ve added so many free tracks to the site. It’s all created and added only by top providers for your relaxation.

We’ve added special sounds that last more than an hour too, so you can meditate for as long as you want without having to keep changing the music all the time. You can now relax and reach new levels by simply closing your eyes for a few moments. Improve your focus and health with this app.

The application contains tons of life hack tips in different categories such as brainy, life tips, technology tricks, health and fitness, extras, survival, money savers, food and drink, daily life solutions, relationship, party hack, parenting, study boosters.


♦   Many different music range from 10 minutes to 3 hours per music
♦   All music without any repetition
♦   500+ hours calm music
♦   Inbuilt super simple music player
♦   Super simple theme designed for relaxation
♦   Reminder to keep you updated daily
♦   App contents in app are 100% free always
♦   Daily we will keep updating new music for you to keep your interest at top level.

This Application can be used for:

  • Relaxing music
  • Calm music
  •  Sleep Sound
  •  Meditation Music
  •  Relieve headaches
  •  Soft Music
  •  Relax Melodies Meditation Sound
  •  Guitar Sound
  • Piano Sound
  •  Violin Sound
  •  Therapy Music
  •  Study music
  •  Yoga music
  •  Focus Music