About the Application:

Do want to lose weight at home? Do want to be always happy? Do want always healthy life? 

If you are facing issues then you found the perfect application. All of these can be achieved with the Learn Yoga for Weight Loss app. 

There is numerous health benefits associated with yoga. As well as staying fit, healthy, losing weight, and looking younger and fit, yoga helps you to stay fit, healthy and lose weight. With the assistance of perfect yoga exercises, poses, and asanas, one can easily practice yoga for weight loss. Reduce your weight with yoga, especially yoga for weight loss before and after a meal to get abs and lose extra body weight.


  All exercises are developed by professional Yoga instructors
   There are 300+ different types of yoga available in this app
   Easy search feature so that You can search as per your requirement directly through this app
   All packages are completely free with no charges
   All yoga has full description, benefits, and pose image so users can go with their description easily
   This app has category wise yoga like yoga for starter, medium, advance, extreme yoga
   In this app users can set program wise reminders for yoga
   Zen Sound that will relax your mind
   Even if you don’t have an internet connection or WiFi, you can practice yoga
   Learn and practice yoga daily at home without equipment
   In addition, yoga exercises can help lose weight, burn belly fat


  • Arm Balance Yoga Poses
  • Balancing Yoga Poses
  • Binding Yoga Poses
  • Chest-Opening Yoga Poses
  • Core Yoga Poses
  • Forward Bend Yoga Poses
  • Hip-Opening Yoga Poses
  • Inversion Yoga Poses
  • Pranayama Exercises & Poses
  • Restorative Yoga Poses
  • Seated Yoga Poses
  • Standing Yoga Poses
  • Strengthening Yoga Poses
  • Twist Yoga Poses
  • Yoga Backbends
  • Yoga Bandha
  • Poses for Your Ankles
  • Poses for Your Arms
  • Yoga for Osteoporosis
  • Yoga Mudras
  • Yoga for Anxiety
  • Yoga for Asthma
  • Yoga for Back Pain
  • Yoga for Calm
  • Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Yoga for Depression
  • Yoga for Digestion
  • Yoga for Energy
  • Yoga for Fatigue
  • Yoga for Fitness
  • Yoga for Flat Feet
  • Yoga for Flexibility
  • Yoga for Headaches
  • Yoga for High Blood Pressure
  • Yoga for Infertility
  • Yoga for Insomnia
  • Yoga for Menopause
  • Yoga for Menstruation
  • Poses for Your Brain
  • Poses for Your Glutes
  • Poses for Your Hamstrings
  • Poses for Your Hands
  • Poses for Your Heart
  • Poses for Your Hip Flexors
  • Poses for Your Hips
  • Poses for Your Kidneys
  • Poses for Your Knees
  • Poses for Your Legs
  • Poses for Your Liver
  • Poses for Your Lower Back
  • Poses for Your Lungs
  • Poses for Your Neck
  • Poses for Your Pelvis
  • Poses for Your Back
  • Poses for Your Belly
  • Poses for Your Bladder
    Yoga for Pregnancy
  • Poses for Your Abs
  • Yoga for Neck Pain