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Thousands of true and amazing facts at your fingertips!

Are you searching for amazing facts? Knowledgeable facts? Or just interesting facts about everything? Then you are in right place.

Knowledge is the most important thing in the current fast and progressive world. If you have enough knowledge then you can conquer the world. With Just Facts – General Knowledge app you will get all the unique and amazing information that will surprise you.

The app has a huge collection of all types of facts. General knowledge can be defined as culturally valued knowledge about any particular topic relating to the social interest of society, culture, civilization, community or a country, which may be communicated by a range of some non-specialist media.

From students to professionals to business owners to homemakers to retirees, this applies to virtually everyone in all walks of life.


  • Thousands of Facts which you didn’t know
  • 100% free application
  • NO ADS
  • Easy navigation
  • Beautiful user-friendly interface
  • High performance and less memory consumption app
  • You can share your favorite fact Picture on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, Hangout, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more social platforms


The Just Facts – General Knowledge App is a quick and exciting way to expand your knowledge about important issues and to share this knowledge with others. It is a powerful tool to improve lives by equipping people with information to make truly informed decisions.

Main Categories Includes:

  • World Facts
  • Society Facts
  • Nature Facts
  • History Facts
  • GK
  • Knowledge
  • Worldwide knowledge
  • Fun facts
  • Science facts
  • Did you know Facts? 
  • Unbelievable Facts
  • Fact factory
  • Amazing Facts
  • Cool facts
  • Amazing Facts
  • World Fact
  • Interesting Facts
  • Just Facts
  • Daily Facts
  • Amazing Facts

In this there are tons of other sub categories as below:

★ World Facts :

  1. Asia Facts
    2. America Facts
    3. Africa Facts
    4. Europe Facts
    5. Oceania Facts
    6. Antarctica Facts
    7. U.S.A. Facts
    8. United Nations Facts
    9. Cities Facts
    10. Places Facts

★ Society Facts:

1. Social Issues Facts
2. Life & Love Facts
3. Tech & Invention Facts
4. Humor & Offbeat Facts
5. Religion Facts
6. Books & Language Facts
7. Movies & TV Facts
8. Art & Music Facts
9. Food & Drink Facts
10. Business & Economy Facts
11. Sports & Games Facts
12. Science Facts

★Nature Facts:

1. Animals & other life forms Facts
2. Body & Health Facts
3. Space Facts
4. Global Issues Facts
5. Phenomena Facts
6. Plants & Minerals Facts

★History Facts:

1. Historic Events Facts
2. People & Civilizations Facts


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