About The Application:

You can create realistic simulated chat conversations with Fake Chat and share them with your friends. The app allows users to create fake chats, set notification times when the user wants the notification to go off, and also create fake messages. You and your friends can have fun by making up fake conversations. The most important thing is that the conversation can be customized completely.


  • Create unlimited fake contact profiles for free
  • Predefined fake conversation
  • Set reminder when to get notifications to make more real
  • Prank anyone including Prank friends, Prank girlfriends, Prank family members or any other you like
  • Set Profile pictures and names as you want. Also, you can add a phone number as well
  • Select notification tune to make a difference
  • Edit, Delete messages as you want from the conversation at any time

Other Key things:

Fake Chats Can Be Used To:

  • Prank Someone
  • Chat with celebrities
  • Hide your lies
  • Fake Chat and conversation

Please Note:

It’s not a real chatting app, it’s a fake chat maker app used for creating jokes, memes, and stories. Using this app you can create a funny fake chat that looks like a real chat then you can take the screenshot and send it to your friends.

Fake chats can be used to:

  • Create chat memes and jokes
  • Talk with your imaginary friends
  • Prank your friends
  • Fake Chat With anyone (Not real)
  • Endless fun

Create fake conversations and edit every detail! Once you’ve finished creating the fake conversation, you can take a screenshot and send it to your friends.
In addition to this, you can pretend to talk to your friends! With this app, you can easily get rid of difficult situations, as well as make jokes to your friends. The same images are available as in Messenger. The real cannot be distinguished from the fake.

You can make your friends believe you are actually chatting, and you can change past conversations at your discretion. You can also set messages to be received at some point in the near future.


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