About the Game:

Love to play with the letters? Then you must try this Find the letter-Brain game. Do you think you can find anything easily? If so then Prove it.

Find The Letter is a Puzzle game. The gameplay is very simple: Just find words showing on screen in the limited time given. Sounds easy right? If so try it to see how easy it is 🙂 Only 10% can finish on time all time.

Each puzzle is very well designed and selected based on increasing difficulty. We hope you will love this puzzle game.

This game will increase your brain thinking power. Make your brain super sharp and activate your brain. This is a fun puzzle game with brain training. This brain-teasing game makes you super excited about how you can think and how you doing at this time. We assure you will see the much-thinking difference after playing this relaxing game.

Puzzle game


  • 100% free to download. No in-app purchases
  • Share with your friends and ask them for challenge to play and beat your score.
  • Unlimited levels to play with no limitations.
  • Super relaxing gameplay with no timer.
  • Challenging levels each time you play and get harder as you go.
  • Free hint system to help you when stuck.
  • Relaxing music.
  • Simple UI Design for all ages.


In return we just need reviews from our users so we can improve gameplay based on that so please write us some feedback whatever you think so we can follow the same.

Thanks for being part of our game.