About The Game

Playing with colors is your thing? Playing on your mobile would be great, wouldn’t it? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The game is called Color Puzzle – Hue Color Matching. It is best to play the game with cold and calm colors so that you can win. To do this, you need to correctly set up the color blocks.

Although this is a puzzle game, the range of colours in the game gives you a feeling of comfort and calm. Using this game, users will feel calm, while at the same time being challenged to solve the puzzle.

Playing this game relaxes the mind and is a good distraction from the usual routine of school and work. Children tend to love this game, but anyone can play it during their free time.

There are 30 chapters in each category, several of which have been increased in difficulty in addition to new features so you always have something new to try. Playing calm colours should keep you entertained. We have more surprises waiting in the vault for you if you feel 30 chapters is not enough, because all 30 chapters contain 50 levels with different colour combinations. In addition, we offer free hints and free skip options so there is no stopping you from experiencing different enjoyable situations. While playing the game, keep music playing which will help you to relax ease your mind.

Every chapter has unique colour tiles to ensure that you always feel like you’re doing something new every time you complete a chapter. Having fun playing this game with your friends and family and competing against one another is a great way to enjoy it together. Your concentration will be tested and boosted in this game as you have to concentrate on the colours of the permanent blocks and swap them with non-permanent blocks which are closest in colour.

Travelling or relaxing with this game and getting some light exercise for your brain are both wonderful.

Key Features:

♦ 100% Free to download

♦ Sweet and soft background music

♦ Multiple chapters

♦ Free hint & Free Skip

♦ 5 different categories to play

You can download our free software and rate it to help us improve In the coming update, we’ll feature a lot of new things, so stay tuned!