About the Application :

For students, they are an essential part of schoolwork. They can be used to figure out tip amounts at restaurants or to calculate how much money they will receive when they are in college. Calculator Advanced is a beautifully designed app that provides simple and advanced mathematical functions. With this fast calculator you can forget about lags and freezing on your phone.

Because the buttons and text are large, you won’t make a mistake touching or reading them. It also supports history. Calculations are stored in a database so they can be accessed at any time. It’s as simple as that. In addition to the calculation, the date is also next to the calculation to help you remember why you made it. You can use the percentage button to calculate fast tipping, discounts, or anything else involving percentages.

We have a calculator for all your daily needs, from homework and shopping to calculating bills, payments, receipts, and taxes.


  • Modern UI Design with Swipe Controls
  • Simple Calculator + Scientific Calculator + GST Calculator (GST Rates for Goods and Services) all 3 in 1
  • Supports All Basic Mathematical Operations
  • Easy to view past calculation history
  • 100% free with no charges
  • Free GST percentage adding feature and also you can save it for later use


  • You can solve very tedious and most difficult arithmetic problems.
  • It is Free, easy to use, intuitive and functional.
  • Moreover, the biggest advantage is calculation is always correct.
  • It makes the counting process become faster than usual
  • Calculator gives more accurate result than counting manually
  • Store calculation history for continuing to calculate later.
  • Reuse the previous result for continuing to calculate.
  • Update calculation result automatically in concern with edited numbers or operators, reduce effort for calculating.
  • Solving Linear equations

GST Calculator Features:

You can enter the Initial Amount of the transaction and the GST Rate to get the results as you type. The amount can be viewed inclusive or exclusive of tax. Add GST to get the total amount of goods or services including GST, or remove GST to get the net amount of goods or services excluding GST.

  • Add/Remove custom GST in calculation other than predefined GST rates
  • Shows IGST, CGST and SGST values while calculating
  • Copy & Share the calculation
  • Instant results as you calculate
  • Lengthy number allowed for calculation

Scientific Calculator Features:

  • All Basic Mathematical Operations
  • Trigonometric operations
  • Hyperbolic operations
  • Logarithmic operations
  • Complex number operations
  • Matrix Operations
  • 10 variables
  • HEX, DEC, OCT, BIN operations
  • Fractions Support
  • Degree, Minute, Second Calculations
  • Degrees, Radian, Gradian Support
  • Solving Linear equations
  • Solving Polynomial equations
  • Plot Graphs
  • Common unit conversions
  • Predefined Scientific Constants


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Thanks for being part of our game.