About the Application:

You can backup Apps, backup Messages, backup Contacts, backup Call Logs, to your SD card and also to your Google drive. This app asks you to back up a newly installed app to your SD-card and Google Drive as well. APK files for installation can be shared with your friends. Your data will never be lost again!

Messages, contacts, call logs, apps, and call recordings can be backed up and restored into MP3 files. The app allows you to share your installed app with your friends using a social media platform of your choice.

App Backup and Restore:
With app backup and restore, you can select multiple apps and backup them into the device storage. Additionally, you can see all the apps that have been backed up. From here, users can delete backup apps.

Message backup and restore:
By using this app, you can backup and restore Text messages onto the SD Card. In a single click, all Text messages are deleted from the message device’s inbox.

Contacts backup and restore:
Contact list backup and restore allows you to back up your contact list into your device’s storage and restore the list.

Call logs backup:
Backup and restore of call logs will allow you to back up the entire call logs to the SD card and restore the backup into the system. With a single click, users can delete all call logs over system call logs.

Uninstall apps:
Provide you to uninstall a batch of select apps.

App Share:
using this app you can share a batch of selected apps with your friends using social media platforms.

Share App Link:
Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to share the URLs of installed apps.

This app allows you to record the live call and store it to the SD card, as well as delete the batch of selected recordings. With this app, you can get daily, weekly, 15-day, and monthly backups on your Google Drive.


  • Backup apps to SD card and Google Drive.
  • Get links to your installed apps and share them with your friends on social media.
  • Backup Contacts on to SD card and Google Drive.
  • Backup SMS on to SD card and Google Drive.
  • Backup Call logs onto SD card and Google Drive.
  • Restore Contacts from SD card.
  • Restore SMS from SD card.
  • Restore Call logs from SD card.
  • Uninstall multiple apps.
  • Reinstall apps from backup.
  •  Delete all text messages over here.
  • Auto backup with notifications
  • App Share with your friends on social media messaging apps.
  • Schedule automatic backups Message, Contacts, Call logs on to SD card and Google drive.
  • All types of apps supported including Game, Tool, Social Media etc.
  • Call Recorder: Support backup of your voice call recording. It can perfectly record the phone call voices to mp3 files. Record both sides’ voices clearly.


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