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Riddles are great for all ages ! They teach us so many life lessons, words, wordplay, problem-solving and comprehension. Riddles are fun and easy to remember, often children share the riddles they hear, and helping them becomes more social.


♦  15+ Exciting categories with wide range of riddles.
♦  5000+ Riddles, puzzles and brain teasers.
♦  Easy to use
♦  Neat and clean materialize UI
♦  Copy your favorite riddles and paste it in any app
♦  Share your favorite riddles with your friends, family on any social media


Great way to spend some quality time with your kid and put your mind to the test with a challenging riddle.

Riddles can be thought provoking or funny brain busters. It is like a puzzle that you are trying to solve. Some of the best riddles get your mind thinking.
Riddles can be super simple or complex, it is really up to the creator of the riddle.

Riddles often make us laugh out loud. We all know that laughter is health giving, relaxing the brain and body, helping us release stress, encouraging positive mental health.

Riddles For All  Puzzle Game is one of the best word games for everyone. Exercise your brain to think from riddles. Have a great time together with your family with all amazing riddles from Riddles For All ☆ Puzzle Game!

From little riddles for little people to smart riddles for grownups. We have them all! Share them with your friends or try to answer all by yourself.

Can you guess the answer? What am I? Riddles with Answers is a guess the word game you are simply going to get addicted to. Make your brain work a percent or two better and solve those clever tricky riddles! This classic brain teaser riddle game for kids and adults is definitely going to make you cry! No, just kidding, but it will be a nice mental workout. Download What am I? Riddles with Answers game and enjoy your new pastime hobby!

Riddles with answers have always been popular among both kids and adults, and what am I games are No. 1 when it comes to puzzles. Some people say that guess the word games such as tricky and difficult riddles make your brain work faster and therefore your IQ raises.


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>> Boost memory and processing speed
>> Improve brain activity and concentration
>> Drastically slow the effects and reduce the risk of dementia
>> Provide a source of entertainment and sense of accomplishment


Are you smart enough to solve all the riddles?
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