About The Application:

The App I Am Curious – General Knowledge simply brings together billions of talking about science, education, history, philosophy, psychology, and other topics from around the globe. The features of this product can be found here.

Hey, are you curious about general knowledge? Are you interested in learning more about the world? Feeling curious and want to get some extraordinary knowledge? Use this amazing app if you are curious: I Am Curious – General Knowledge

Become curious about everything with the “I Am Curious – General Knowledge” app. In this way, it may work better to face all your curiosity since it is free and reliable. In I Am Curious – General Knowledge, you will find a collection of amazing questions and answers in brief.

It allows you to do the same through a quiz app. While you may already possess plenty of general knowledge, this app will help you to enhance your general knowledge quickly and easily.

Engage in an interesting conversation with your next date by playing the Curious Questions game. Questions are meant to make you think about others and yourself in new ways and help you get to know someone better.

With this app, users of all ages can improve their knowledge, from small children to big adults. There are no in-app purchases and all questions are completely free of charge.


  • 100% free to download
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Press “Ask another Question” button and get another interesting question and answer
  • More than 10000 Curious Question Answers


  • Animal Trivia
  • Art Trivia
  • Australia Trivia
  • Automotive Trivia
  • Aviation Trivia
  • Baseball Trivia
  • Basketball Trivia
  • Biology Trivia
  • Bird Trivia
  • Canada Trivia
  • Chemistry Trivia
  • China Trivia
  • Computer Trivia
  • Disney Trivia
  • Dog Trivia
  • Physics Trivia
  • Planet Trivia
  • Earth Trivia
  • England Trivia
  • Psychology Trivia
  • Science Trivia
  • Space Trivia
  • Spain Trivia
  • Television Trivia
  • Sports Trivia
  • Super Bowl Trivia
  • Moon Trivia
  • Movie Trivia
  • Music Trivia
  • Ocean Trivia
  • Political Trivia
  • United States Trivia
  • Video Game Trivia
  • Europe Trivia
  • Food Trivia
  • Football Trivia
  • France Trivia
  • Geek Trivia
  • Geography Trivia
  • Golf Trivia
  • Harry Potter Trivia
  • History Trivia
  • Hockey Trivia
  • Japan Trivia
  • Language Trivia
  • Literature Trivia
  • Military Trivia
  • Money Trivia
  • World Trivia


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