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Annoyed about playing the same ball games? Then you must try this super cool & Amazing Dark Hole – Red Comes game. In this game, you have to use your strategy to put all balls in the black holes. But the red ball should be last. And you will get different kinds of colours balls.

This is also a type of marble game so each ball in the game is marble where your aim is to put red marble last in the game to win or you may face trouble completing the level within the given time limit.

You will get different challenges at each new level. For the movement of the ball, you will have to move your device. This is an endless game so there is no limit of level.

In this game, you will get a random number of balls and holes at each level. We have added unlimited levels for your fun. This is a super hard game if you put a red ball inside the hole then the random number of balls will be increased.

If you get many balls on your play screen then you can restart your game from the beginning. This game will not make you feel bored.


100% free download

✦ Strategy game with Puzzle game experience

✦ Unlimited levels for your fun

✦ Time counter to complete each level

✦ Restart the game feature if you are stuck at any point

✦ Attractive Interface

✦ Easy navigation for smooth movement of balls

✦ New challenges at each level

✦ Relaxing & Mind refreshing game

Puzzle Game


Love to play Strategy games? Or a casual game? OR puzzle game?

Then this game is perfect for you. Dark Hole – Red Comes Last game is having all types of levels for your fun.

Dark Hole – Red Comes Last game will give you a super unique experience that you have never seen. You will not find similar games in the play store either so this will give you a fresh and new experience completely.

There is a counter where you have to put all the balls inside the hole before time is over. Yes, each level is containing a timer to reach your goal. Beat the timer and win the game. If you can beat the counter then this game is for you.

Enjoy the amazing game and you will get bored with any level. Keep playing. Share with your friends and challenge them to beat your score. And do not forget to rate us. We love to hear from you and will improve our best.